Search Engine Optimization at netGALAXY Studios

At netGALAXY Studios, we have top SEO Consultants and certified SEO experts on our team, we offer professional SEO services to get your web site ranked into the top positions on the three major search engines that matter.

Our mission is to boost your rankings

netGALAXY Studios have ranked hundreds of real web sites from schools to businesses, we know what we’re doing. It’s NOT possible to guarantee a number 1 spot in Google, and we don’t promise to put you on the first page in 1 month like all these other companies. No matter which SEO company you speak with, if they GUARANTEE you a particular ranking then they are being untruthful, or using techniques likely to get your site penalized by the serach engines. Google clearly specifies this in their official Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide and in their webmaster tools.

Lets discuss your SEO needs, give us a quick call at 843.300.1167 and we can begin the process of getting your site boosted up the rankings ladder today.

We put our money where our mouth is

We know that there are people out there saying that they can get you on the first page of Google, but we practice it. Our core product is mobile app development and we’re headquartered here in Charleston, SC. If you search Google for Mobile App Development Charleston, you’ll see us in the organic search.

Some companies say they can guarantee you a position on the first page of Google, but be weary as they are paying to put you there in an ad position or in the Google Places position. When you stop paying, you disappear. Organic search is the only position you want a Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) expert to get you placed as you can’t pay Google to be there; it takes relevant content and keyword placement to get there. And unfortunately, this does not happen overnight.

Did you know there are five states that have cities named Charleston? They are North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, West Virginia, and Illinois – source AAA. Plus, there is a Charleston in the United Kingdom and a Charleston in Canada that we know of. So, being listed in Google on the first page (two spots) for Mobile App Development Charleston is a pretty big feat. Last check, there are over 441,000 entries and we are listed on the home page. Don’t believe us? Check it out.

Keyword Based Optimization

The foundation for any search engine marketing campaign involves “on-page” search engine optimization, based on keywords or keyword phrases. We carry out extensive keyword research using a range of specialist tools and the information gathered during this process helps us to build up a profile of your industry landscape looking at competitors, search volumes and keyword competition.

Armed with this information we make informed decisions on which keywords your business should target. We also utilize our own common sense and experience in search engine optimization to weed out unsuitable keywords and help you find the ‘gems’ which enable your customers to find your website when they are looking for your products and services.

Having identified the keywords to be targeted, the “on-page” aspect of our SEO service involves changes to the website coding, page structure, META titles and descriptions, internal linking and actual content to improve your website’s ranking performance.

For maximum success, this “on-page” search engine optimization work needs to be accompanied by “off-page” activities which are covered in the sections on link building, blog content creation and social media marketing.

Link Building

It is a widely accepted fact that search engines look at links into your website as ‘votes’ for the quality and relevance of your website. To put it simply, the more links you have and the better quality links you have the higher up the search results you will appear.

We take a strategic approach to link building but we maintain an ethical stance to ensure our clients are never penalized by search engines like Google. Paying for links is not a practice that we participate in, exactly for this reason.

When looking at link building for a particular website we consider the velocity, volume and authority of the links to be developed. This means that we seek to generate back-links (that boost your rankings) from a variety of sources including lower authority but higher volume sources like directories and then lower volume but higher authority back-links like blogs.

Wherever possible we aim to use appropriate ‘anchor text’ in the back-link – this will usually be the keyword phrase we are targeting, as this gives added credibility to your site and helps to boost your ranking for that phrase.

Link building is a very important feature of any search engine optimization or search engine marketing campaign.

What we can do for you

Search Engine Optimization
We are well qualified and experienced in (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. We are able to improve your brand awareness using specific keyword phrases related to your business, pushing new and relevant traffic your way every day, and keep people coming back for more.

Search Engine Marketing
Similar to SEO, Search Engine Marketing focuses on more than just relevant keywords. We research into other forms of promotion and advertisement that can improve your ranking in the top search engines.

PPC Management
Pay-Per-Click management solutions are not easy to implement with little to no experience, let netGALAXY Studios handle your PPC campaigns and be sure that you’re not only targeting the right keywords, but you’re paying the best price and achieving more and more unique viewers every day.

SEO Web Design
All websites we build are search engine-friendly, but is your current site? Our SEO Web Design services are the perfect solution. With our unique and proven strategies we can significantly improve your website’s popularity in terms of search engine rank, and customer satisfaction.