Social Media Marketing and its Benefits

Maintaining an active social media presence through social media marketing can benefit a business in many ways. First of all, setting up a strong business profile on social media platforms opens up new areas of entry for potential leads. Secondly, posting relevant and interesting content gives users a meaningful experience with the brand and improves customer relations. Lastly, social media encourages even the largest corporations to “open up the doors” for the public to see a side of that business that they hadn’t seen before. This kind of transparency helps people relate on a human level and encourages brand loyalty.

By advertising on social media, a brand can learn key insights about their customer base. The summary reports provide businesses with a snapshot of who interacted with their content. These kind of insights can allow brands to refine their advertising campaigns and receive a better return on investment through strategic targeting.


Managed Social Media Marketing Services

The Social Media Marketing team at netGALAXY Studios offers multiple service packages designed to help improve customer relations, boost store traffic and add credibility to a business. We create and deploy social media posts and advertising campaigns to meet specific needs of your business.  Take a look at a few basic options below and let us know if you’re interested in discussing the options with a professional. Depending on the level you choose, we can have your social media strategy up and running within 10 business days.

Fixed-Click Facebook Advertising

  • Fixed Click Campaign

  • Geo-Targeted by City

  • Managed Ad Rotation and Optimization as Needed

  • Summary Reporting of Ad Spend and Social Interactions

Custom Facebook Advertising

  • Custom Fulfillment Goals

  • Multiple Targeting Options Available

  • Managed Ad Rotation and Optimization as Needed

  • Summary Reporting of Ad Spend and Social Interactions

Social Media Management

  • Social media page & post creation

  • Contest Creation

  • Posting on Various Platforms

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