Keep Your Customers Connected with Email Marketing

Why does a mobile technology company offer email marketing, you might ask? It’s true, email has traditionally been thought of as a desktop-only tool, but research shows that it really works for on-the-go customers. In fact, when recipients open marketing emails on their smartphones or tablets, they tend to actually read through the emails versus just skimming them as they often do on a desktop. Also, they tend to open marketing emails more during non-working hours/leisure time when they have a wider attention span.

Just as social media platforms have allowed customers to have a closer relationship with brands they love, so email marketing provides customers with the exclusive updates and deals that they want to see. Overall, the move to mobile devices has only strengthened the value of emails. Emails do well with reaching interested contacts on both mobile and desktop because they offer strong visual impact and clean organization of information.

email marketing

Managed Email Marketing Services

The Email Marketing team at netGALAXY Studios sends promotional emails to 2,500 geo-targeted recipients/month to assist businesses in generation of new customers. We get to know the business from the onset so that the emails we design best showcase the business’ culture as well as their products and services. We send customers special offers and deals to encourage repeat purchases and to keep you top of mind! 

  • Professionally Developed Emails

  • Email Preview Sent for Approval

  • Detailed Reporting in Dashboard

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