What is LocalTrack?

LocalTrack is an online portal that allows business owners to measure the effectiveness of their print, radio, tv and online advertisements through call tracking and web traffic reporting. It includes the set up of RCF (Remote Call Forwarding) phone numbers and web proxies for each tracked advertisement.

When customers dial the number or type in the web address listed on the advertisement, LocalTrack will reroute them to the main business phone or website. The business owner can then see in LocalTrack which ad prompted the customer to reach out.

  • Record Calls and Save for 90 Days*

  • Tracks Call Details and Caller Information (if available)

  • Tracks Web Traffic on Main Proxy Page and Sub-pages

call tracking advertisement

Benefits of Ad Tracking

It only makes sense to put the most money into your best marketing campaign – but how do you know which one? Advertising Managers can use LocalTrack to continually improve their strategies by testing and comparing ads. They can use the metrics provided in the platform to show each ad’s return on investment. In addition, they can learn more about their callers and the customer service provided to them through the information provided through the call tracking and recording technology. Any business that runs ads can benefit from LocalTrack because it quickly identifies where they should invest their money.

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*Businesses that rely on the sharing of private information over the phone will not have access to the Call Recording feature.