Our Transportation App

For Riders and Drivers

Whether you’re a transportation company owner or an entrepreneur looking to maximize your rides, the Transportation App from netGALAXY Studios is your perfect opportunity! Imagine a solution that allows you and your customers to track the location of transport vehicles at any time. We realize that in the taxi industry, knowledge and metrics can often provide the key to more efficient and cost-effective transportation. Keep scrolling to learn about all the tools we’ve included to help you reach that end.


Extensive Admin Panel

The extensive admin panel ensures that you can control all aspects of what your customers and drivers are doing and need.

Real-time Tracking Using Maps

Track the location of your drivers and your opted-in customers in real-time using our map tracking system.

Turn-Key One and All

Want to run your business without having to worry about technology? We take care of the setup so that you can start using this platform within 5 business days.

Fully Automated

After setup, enter your Braintree or Stripe account information and forget about it. The solution takes care of optimized dispatching, collecting, distributing money and depositing your cut into your account.

Technical Service

Allow us to help you build your app and we will leave no stone unturned to keep your app working flawlessly.

Fare Estimator

With advanced services like fare estimator, passengers can now get a rough estimate of the fare at the tap of a button, along with many other cool add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Tranpsortation App isn’t just an addition to your business–it’s a powerful catalyst that will transform your business. We’re sure you have some questions, so we’ve put together the most common one’s we’ve had so far to help you get started.

No. Once you purchase the license to the app, you keep all of the profits that come from operating your business with the app.
We have not included a Geo-Fencing feature in the app; however, you have the capability in the app to clearly specify what areas you service and can adjust the initial app view to show the full service area.
When you purchase the app, you have the license to advertise as you choose. We recommend that you add the app store links to your current website and mention the app in all of your promotional materials. We can provide you the recognizable app store badges and also a special promotional webpage branded for your company.
We do not currently have a dashboard app available for the Executive Administrator, but great idea! We’ve added it to our idea list for future updates. We do have the dashboard set up as a responsive website–meaning Administrators can access the site at any time on their mobile device.
When a customer or driver leaves a review, they can give a 1-5 star rating and/or leave a comment. The star ratings show for other users of the app, but the comments stay within the internal organization.
Once we receive payment and any branding materials you would like incorporated in the app, we will have setup complete in five business days; after which we will submit to the app stores for approval.
The money received from the customer goes directly to the Executive Administrator. The Administrator can then pay their drivers through the dashboard. If you’re looking to customize the app payment process for your business, ask us about adding the Automatic Split payment feature.
Riders can pay cash, which the rider then accepts and verifies on completion of the ride, or they can pay with credit card. The Executive Administrator can use either Stripe or Braintree (a Paypal company) to process these transactions, which will require them to set up a free account.


Our Transportation App isn’t just an addition to your business–it’s a powerful catalyst that will transform your business. We’re sure you have some questions, so we’ve put together the most common one’s we’ve had so far to help you get started.

Sign up for Our Transportation App on a monthly basis to get a better feel for the technology. With this deal,  you will save more money up front, get the app branded for your business, and have access to all of the updates and add-ons at no additional charge!

Web App Only

  • Automatic Updates
  • All-Access to Add-Ons

Web, Android and Apple Apps

  • Automatic Updates
  • All-Access to Add-Ons

Web and Android App

  • Automatic Updates
  • All-Access to Add-Ons
If you like what you see, we can build and brand the app specifically for your business, submit the app to app stores and then give you access to the PHP Code. With this deal, you make one payment and the app is yours! We’ll also provide support along the way if any trouble arises.

Pay in a Year

$850Monthly Installments
  • Automatic Updates for the First Year

Pay Once

  • Automatic Updates for the First Year

Pay in 6 Months with No Interest

$10,000With PayPal® Credit
  • Automatic Updates for the First Year

Tell Me More!

Interested in learning more about Our Transportation App? Drop us a note below and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy. We’ll even send you an invite to download the demo app on your Apple or Android device.

1 Due to the licensing and complexity around the technology that builds the mobile apps for our Transportation App, we are not able to offer source iOS or Android code. If you need to make iOS or Android code modifications that cannot be done using the Executive Administrative Dashboard, please contact our sales team to discuss alternatives.

2 The Transportation App Source License has a very small percentage of the code concealed to control licensing, however these files are not in sections that would typically be edited while customizing a site.