Charleston’s favorite one-on-one interviewer just got his very own app.

Quintin Washington, celebrated host of “Quintin’s Close-Ups,” has recorded hundreds of interviews with South Carolina politicians, community leaders, and other notable Charlestonians, such as his recent chats with City Councilman Mike Seekings and Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel. Now, thanks to a new mobile app developed by local tech company netGalaxy Studios, it a lot easier to get your Quintin fix on the go.

“I think they will get more from ‘Quintin’s Close-Ups’ and be able to watch my interviews from a different perspective than they would normally do on YouTube,” says Washington. “They can interact with me socially, learn about me, and save their favorite ‘Quintin’s Close-Ups’ interviews.”

According to Washington, he was contacted by netGalaxy president and CEO Larry Collett, who offered to help the local interviewer expand his audience with an new mobile app that is free to use. Currently available for download on your mobile device through the Apple Store and Google Play, the “Quintin’s Close-Ups” app allows users to keep tabs on his latest videos. While the project was just rolled out this week, Washington says he and the developers have a more ideas in mind to build on the design.

“The app is really for my viewers and the rest of the public. ‘Quintin’s Close-Ups’ is a public service. My way of giving back to the public. So the app is another way of serving the public,” says Washington. “I have always wanted to be balanced in reaching those that don’t have laptops, computers, and phones to watch my interviews. My goal is still to have ‘Quintin’s Close-Ups’ on TV and online. I want to reach everyone.”

Written by: Dustin Waters | June 1, 2017