How does it work?

Your clients collect points on a card

Every time a client visits your establishment or makes a purchase, he/she earns a loyalty point on his/her card. Once the card is complete, it’s time for you to reward them with a gift.

Who’s it for?

A Loyalty Card for every business


Create your loyalty card

We offer 3 display formats

Attract your Clients

By proposing additional rewards

Show your most loyal customers that you appreciate their business with additional rewards. Welcoming a new user into your app, increasing traffic during slow hours, inviting clients to visit you when they’re in the neighborhood, they are all powerful incentives to drive more business your way.

Spread the word about your loyalty program

Facebook, Twitter, emails, push notifications…

Make use of the different channels available to share your loyalty program with a large audience. Social networks, emails or push notifications campaigns, it will put you on the map.

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