“Why do I need a mobile app? Don’t I spend enough between mailers, coupons, and everything else I do when it comes to marketing? Why take on another headache?”

Because it will make you money.

(Pretty simple, right?)

How, you ask? Well . . .

Mobile orders
An app lets you offer mobile ordering, which increases sales. With the ability to browse menus and submit orders via mobile, customers can send in orders when they’re on the way home, or otherwise tied up and unable to call in. And it lets them skip the line, which increases customer satisfaction. Mobile ordering also provides an easy way to upsell side dishes, desserts, and add-ons, increasing your average order size and helping you boost profits.

Mobile reservations
Your employees might currently be tied up on the phone taking reservations, busy cancelling reservations, or wasting time shuffling tables around. Mobile reservations can make things more efficient, by allowing customers to schedule and cancel their own reservations. This gives your front-of-house staff more time to handle other tasks, and makes things more convenient for customers as well. We don’t want to say it’s a win-win, but we can’t help it.

It is!

Mobile referrals
Customers can check in from your location and also post to social media via your app. This helps you leverage social media networks to earn more business. Essentially, your customers can help spread the word about one of their favorite restaurants, and you can earn new fans.

Mobile reviews
If your customers are having a good time, your mobile app can make it easy for them to submit a favorable review of your business online. The better your online reputation is, the more new business you’ll earn when searchers are looking to explore new dining options in their area. A restaurant with good reviews is almost always the top of the list when it comes time to try a new spot out.

Mobile loyalty programs
You can increase visits from your current customer base by offering a mobile loyalty program through your app. Each time a customer visits your restaurant, your staff can give them another virtual stamp. When their virtual card is full, you can offer a small reward. Existing customers are one of the most cost-effective sources of increased revenue to cultivate – they already like your restaurant, so inviting them to visit more often is rarely a difficult sell.

Mobile push notifications
You can send out messages to those that have your app regarding events, specials, and more. This makes it easy to communicate with fans and drive engagement and activity on demand. With notifications, you open a channel to your customers that tends to far outperform email or other communication methods. Push notifications are a direct line to your customer base, and can be a powerful way to increase business.

This list isn’t exhaustive. The mobile world is on fire and people are constantly finding new ways to leverage mobile apps. Simply put: apps are an excellent way to increase restaurant revenue, and we’ve only just begun to realize their full potential.