Colour management and gamut

A great introduction to colour management for software designers and developers. (bjango.com)

HTML Web Component using Vanilla JavaScript (ayushgp.github.io)

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How to structure components in React?

How we structure our components has a great impact on how we maintain a system and how expandable it is. Of course it all depends on the context but thankfully we have plenty of options and we can pick and choose as Bartek Witczak explains. (reallifeprogramming.com)

Emulating CSS Timing Functions with JavaScript

Ana Tudor explains how to smoothly go from one state to another in a similar fashion to that of common CSS timing functions using just a little bit of JavaScript. (css-tricks.com)

Impress Your Friends With Code Splitting in React

If code splitting your React app has been on your todo list for a while this post is for you. (hackernoon.com)

Netflix functions without client-side React (jakearchibald.com)

Tools / Resources

Apollo Client 2.0

Apollo Client is the ultra-flexible, community-driven GraphQL client for React, Vue.js, Angular, and other JavaScript platforms. You just describe your data requirements with a GraphQL query, and Apollo Client fetches and manages the data for you. (dev-blog.apollodata.com)

Unlocking the Benefits of CSS Variables

Jonathan Harrell takes a quick look at the benefits of CSS custom properties and then goes over some lesser known features that may come in handy while using them. (jonathan-harrell.com)

The Art of Comments

An article that digs into some of the many beneficial types of comments that might all serve a different purpose, followed by patterns that are best to avoid. (css-tricks.com)

Tachyons Generator

Generate a custom Tachyons build from a JSON configuration. (github.com)

Storybook vs. Styleguidist for a component library (spectrum.chat)

End-to-end Tests that Don’t Suck with Puppeteer (ropig.com)

Sharpen Up Your Text with The Power of Three (webdirections.org)

A list of development podcasts (stackforest.com)

Little UI Details (twitter.com)


I watched all of the Chrome Dev Summit videos so you don’t have to (redfin.engineering)

Anyone need side project ideas? (adrienjoly.com)


Senior WordPress Frontend Developer

Do you have a dog eared copy of ‘Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja’ beside your bed? Would you be excited to work on large scale WordPress projects that actually require your JavaScript skills? Would you be stoked to push the limits of where JavaScript and WordPress can play nicely together? (tri.be)

Product Designer at Trello

We’re looking for a savvy product designer to join the Product Team at Trello. Your work will have an impact on how millions of people all over the world collaborate and organize their lives. (trello.com)

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Last but not least…

What are the Most Disliked Programming Languages? (stackoverflow.blog)

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