Sketching Interfaces

A few times a year something really blows my mind in the web development space and this is one of them. High fives to the Airbnb team for pushing things forward. (airbnb.design)

The React Story (stackshare.io)


Real-world Web Performance Budgets

If you happen to work on a product that is getting big and bigger by the day and performance is becoming an issue, read this. Oh and send it to your manager. (infrequently.org)

My approach to using z-index

Another entertaining post by David Gilbertson that will no doubt enlighten your z-index skills to the next level. Great read even if you are a z-index guru. (hackernoon.com)

I wish I knew these before diving into React

Still finding your feet with React? Canberk Morelli passes on 6 tips that you should find helpful. (engineering.opsgenie.com)

Nailing Accessibility In Design

In this article, Tom Graham and André Gonçalves discuss some of the most common visual impairments, focusing on color-blindness to explain how you can make small changes to your workflow and products to ensure you’re not alienating users. (smashingmagazine.com)

What you need to know about HTTP/2

You don’t need to do too much to receive the juicy benefits of HTTP/2. If you can steer away from some comfortable old patterns and into the sunny new world you’re in for some speedy times as Kellen Person explains. (fly.io)

Tools / Resources

Graphcool Framework

The Graphcool Framework is a comprehensive collection of building blocks covering the entire spectrum of developing modern, data-centric GraphQL. (graph.cool)

Introducing a free and easy way to manage creative files

Your files deserve a safe home. Organizing, sharing & approval of creative in a customizable portal; everything is easier with Bynder Orbit. (bynder.com)

Strategies for Thriving in Your First Product Design Role

Chris Chan shares some really great advice on ways you can go above and beyond as a product designer. (medium.com)


If you have ever been a little bamboozled about what should or shouldn’t be in the head of your document this in-depth list is for you. (github.com)

SketchKeys — Keyboard shortcuts stickers for Sketch App (sketchkeys.com)

Sonar – A linting tool for the web (sonarwhal.com)

Code Review Etiquette (css-tricks.com)

Webpack Monitor (webpackmonitor.com)

How DNS works (howdns.works)


The Story of CSS Grid, from Its Creators (alistapart.com)

Chrome Dev Summit 2017 (youtube.com)


Product Designer at Creative Market

As a Product Designer, you will be responsible for working closely with a cross-functional team to build new features and a/b tests that will help our 3.5M+ members engage with Creative Market and drive meaningful revenue for the 20k+ creators on our platform. (creativemarket.com)

Product Designer at Mixpanel

We are a small, collaborative team of multidisciplinary designers, and are looking for experienced product designers to help us dive deeper into our product vision, and to strengthen our brand across all the places we interact with our customers. (mixpanel.com)

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Last but not least…

Saying Goodbye to Firebug (hacks.mozilla.org)

Chinwag (twitter.com)

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