React Performance Fixes on Airbnb Listing Pages

Joe Lencioni explains the techniques he used to profile Airbnb’s listing pages, the tools he used to optimize it and see the scale of the impact it had. (medium.com)

How Stripe Designs Beautiful Websites (leejamesrobinson.com)

Claim Your .design Domain Name…Before Someone Else Does

​Grab a free .design domain name for your website or portfolio! Unlike .com or .net, .design is a domain that reflects what you do and makes your branding look better. Your .design domain comes with a free year of email hosting, a free website builder and an easy way to connect to Squarespace or Wix. (porkbun.com)


Jobs-to-Be-Done in Your UX Toolbox

The Jobs-to-Be-Done theory has gained quite a bit of attention of late and in this great article Steph Troeth shares her wisdom on the topic. (24ways.org)

A Front End Developer’s Guide to GraphQL

In this post, Peggy Rayzis walks through a couple of hands-on examples to show you how integrating GraphQL into your application will solve many pain points working with remote data. (css-tricks.com)

Gatsby + Contentful + Netlify (and Algolia)

Josh Weaver shares his experience using Gatsby with Contentful, Netlify and Algolia and the problems they solve. (gatsbyjs.org)

What is ReasonML?

This blog post gives a brief high-level explanation of Facebook’s new programming language, ReasonML. (2ality.com)

The (Far) Future of CSS (vimeo.com)

Tools / Resources

Parcel: A blazing fast, zero configuration web bundler

Devon Govett created Parcel in order to solve two main problems that he found with existing module bundlers like Browserify and Webpack: performance, and configuration experience. A nice tool worth looking at. (parceljs.org)

You’ve been wanting to build mobile apps…

NativeScript – Free and Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with JavaScript, TypeScript, or Angular

5x faster than Yarn & NPM, and runs natively in-browser

Instead of downloading entire tarballs, Turbo is smart and only retrieves the files that are directly required from the main, typings and other relevant fields. (medium.com)

Compositor Iso

Build pages and prototypes with Lab UI components. No configuration or build setup required. (compositor.io)

Safari Preview now allows animated-Gif-like videos using ‘img’ tag (perfplanet.com)

Advanced React Component Patterns (egghead.io)

Redux-Saga vs. Redux-Observable (spectrum.chat)


Design Systems & Tools at Facebook (vimeo.com)

24waysm (24ways.org)


Front-End Engineer at Weebly

Weebly Engineers enjoy a unique opportunity to work with a wide array of technologies. Engineers are actively encouraged to explore different sectors of the tech stack and delve into specific areas of interest. As a Weebly Engineer you will have the freedom, and be supported by the entire team, to grow professionally. (weebly.com)

Product Designer at Oak

We’re looking for a Product Designer with a passion for user interfaces, user experience, and designing for the web and mobile apps. (oak.is)

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Last but not least…

A Look Back at the State of JavaScript in 2017 (freecodecamp.org)

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