Debugging React performance with React 16

What happens when your components suddenly don’t feel fast anymore? Where do you look? How do you fix it? Ben Schwarz, the founder of Calibre points you in the right direction. A must read if you work with React. (calibreapp.com)

What makes a good design principle? (matthewstrom.com)

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Media Queries Based on Element Width with MutationObserver

In this article Ali Alaa explores a JavaScript approach to add different attributes to an element depending on its width using resize event and MutationObserver. (codeburst.io)

The Best Request Is No Request, Revisited

HTTP/2 is more efficient in responding to a larger number of requests than its predecessor. So the question is, does the old rule of reducing requests still hold up? (alistapart.com)

Learn how to handle JavaScript Errors

Brandon Morelli shares some great thoughts around handling JavaScript errors with Try, Throw, Catch and Finally. (codeburst.io)

How Redux Can Make You a Better Developer (cobeisfresh.com)

Tools / Resources

AWS AppSync

A fully managed serverless GraphQL service for real-time data queries, synchronization, communications and offline programming features. (amazon.com)

Introducing DesignSystems

A hub for the broader design community to learn about and engage in discussion around the craft of building design systems. (figma.com)

Web Frameworks

Kit Kelly wraps up the 11 part series about web frameworks. She shares some conclusions about each framework considered and highlights their strengths and weaknesses. (sitepen.com)

An Introduction to Scrollama.js

Scrollama is a modern and lightweight JavaScript library for scrollytelling using IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events. (pudding.cool)

23 Minutes of Work for Better Font Loading (zachleat.com)

React v16.2.0 – Improved Support for Fragments (reactjs.org)

A useful list of must-watch talks about JavaScript (github.com)

A useful list of must-watch talks about CSS (github.com)

React Component Unit Test (hackernoon.com)


Maybe It’s The Carrots? (feat. Courtland Allen) (spec.fm)

Infinitown – A Great WebGL Experiment (littleworkshop.fr)


Designer at Mixpanel

We are a small, collaborative team of multidisciplinary designers, and are looking for experienced product designers to help us dive deeper into our product vision, and to strengthen our brand across all the places we interact with our customers. (mixpanel.com)

Product Designer at Oak

We’re looking for a Product Designer with a passion for user interfaces, user experience, and designing for the web and mobile apps. (oak.is)

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Last but not least…

Your 9-to-5 Job is Risky as Hell (medium.com)

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