The 6-Step “Happy Path” to HTTPS

Troy Hunt explains the fastest and easiest way you can get HTTPS up and running correctly. (troyhunt.com)

Documenting the Web together (blogs.windows.com)

The new tab page you’ll actually use

Replace your web browser’s gratuitous new tab page with a clean and simple list of links, grouped and sorted how you like. Available for web, and as a Chrome extension. A Fine Start — a concise new tab page. Get it for free here » (afinestart.me)


Prettier + Stylelint

If you are keen to keep your code clean and consistent this post by Chris Coyier will help you on the right path. The Prettier + Stylelint combo is a massive winner in my books. (css-tricks.com)

Write tests. Not too many. Mostly integration.

Some wise words by Kent C. Dodds around JavaScript testing. (blog.kentcdodds.com)

Mobile web through the users’ eyes

Google recently conducted a user research project focused around the mobile web. In this article, Jenny Gove shares what they learnt, what works for people, what some of the issues are and some of the areas for developing better experiences. (medium.com)

Design in the Age of Anxiety

Erika Hall shares some high level thought provoking words around the importance of removing anxiety from the design process. (muledesign.com)

Things that you’ll learn when you start to use React Native (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

REST Client for VS Code

REST Client allows you to send HTTP request and view the response in Visual Studio Code directly. No external app like Postman or Paw needed. (josephwoodward.co.uk)

CSS Grids for Everyone

Jeffrey Way teaches everything you need to know in bite-sized episodes. (laracasts.com)

Image Trace Loader

Loads images and exports traced outlines as image/svg+xml URL-encoded data. (npmjs.com)

Responsive Web Design podcast talking about Slacks new site (responsivewebdesign.com)

Dropbox Professional – Powerful tools to showcase your work (blogs.dropbox.com)

A Modern Front-End Workflow with DevTools (vimeo.com)

InVision Studio (invisionapp.com)


Making website building fun (gatsbyjs.org)

The Era of Newshammer (daverupert.com)


Senior Product Designer (Web & Mobile) at TaskRabbit

We’re looking for a senior product designer to create modern and great looking designs across all our web and mobile products. You will be an important member of the TaskRabbit User Experience & Design team and help guide the visual language for products that support both TaskRabbit Clients and Taskers. (taskrabbit.com)

Product Designer at Creative Market

As a Product Designer, you will be responsible for working closely with a cross-functional team to build new features and a/b tests that will help our 3.5M+ members engage with Creative Market and drive meaningful revenue for the 20k+ creators on our platform. (creativemarket.com)

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Last but not least…

We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made. (freecodecamp.org)

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